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Increase Your Business Profit

Our solutions can easily integrate into your online website enhancing your web presence dramatically. Businesses today grow and operate in virtual marketplaces with real commodities achieving real success. We specialise in database development and database migration. We can develop a new database for you or enhance if you have one to suit the increased needs of your current business. We have exceptional expertise in software development, software  testing, software  upgrade and software maintenance in your customised solutions. We provide you services on many platforms from Microsoft & oracle viz.  Microsoft Access, SQL Server, ASP, .net, VB.NET, visual basic, Dot Net, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java and many databases like sql server, oracle,and access, Software for Windows. Our consultants for software, database and website development and maintenance using, ASP.Net, SQL Server, MS Access provide Custom database software solutions, Software Application, Databases, Website Development, Custom Software, Web Application Development and Website Database.

We are currently involved in software integration and Ecommerce implementation. We provide you comprehensive enterprise solutions including CRM solution, SCM solution, application integration, intranet, extranet, web services, web interface addition and web based product enhancements.  We provide you exclusive data processing services including data entry, data cleansing, data import and data management. Our experts in Internet-marketing strategies will help you in planning, designing, managing, and promoting business-to-business and business-to-consumer websites that deliver direct consumer and business sales impact over the Wireless and Mobiles.

Our solutions are scalable, flexible and provide you ultimate control in managing your online business and achieving success via an online revenue generation model. Our solutions are fully customised, well designed and end to end functions. Our long lived evident expertise in n-tier architecture design and development can assist your business in achieving ideal client server architecture for your business solution.                                                                   

At Yes International, we assist your business in integrating to the most exciting, challenging and fast growing domains in today’s world. Our services include design, development and implementation of  wireless solutions for your business.