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Windows Based Solutions

We assist our customers with design of software specifications, architecture, communication and network layout, protocols and defect tracking systems. we can assist with maintenance of legacy system, design reviews and code reviews. These services are provided even during software enhancement, software upgrades or software testing.  

Our solutions are scalable, flexible and provide you ultimate control in managing your online business and achieving success via an online revenue generation model. Our solutions are fully customised, well designed and end to end functions. Our long lived evident expertise in n-tier architecture design and development can assist your business in achieving ideal client server architecture for your business solution.

Windows based software has its own advantages. It is reliable, available and guaranteed to work in standalone and network environments as long as the resources are available. We strongly recommend our clients 0 Low level programming (i.e. Microprocessor level, chip design and RS 232 integration) are designed using windows based solution development.

However, they do not rank well when the assessment criteria are portability, remote accessibility and global availability.