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We can build software for insurance industry

A customized designed product for your agency supports manual and automated generation and administration of the policies/contracts whether selling your products and services direct to the customer, using broker/agency sourced business or through the subscription market. It provides a consolidated view of contracts, reinsurance, and claims. Underwriters benefit from a consolidated view of their portfolio and of their financial engagement, Contract Managers benefit from an up-to-date or historical view of their contracts using current date or on a specific date and Brokers/Agents benefit from a “Book of Business” view of payments, claims history and renewal activity.


Your customized solution speeds time to market by enabling for quick operational set up in new markets while at the same time ensures consistency with existing business operations. Our system reduces overall project risk and maintenance costs as projects begin with a large set of executable services based on a robust proven framework. The services can be easily customized thanks to the modelling and code generation methodology supported by state of the art tools. Current technology provides the SOA foundation necessary for reusability, business and technical agility, and guarantees a high level of interoperability with external systems. Insurance agency management software, Agency Management Software, Independent Insurance Agency Management System, Agency Automation, Upload/Download Partner are solutions that can assist agency automation.


Our consultants can provide you services in the following areas: “claim management software, strategic claim management, business process solution, claim management services, custom business process, soa, insurance front end, insurance platform, insurance portal, Insurance agency management software, Independent Insurance Agent Management System, Agency Automation, ACORD form printing, carrier software, P&C, property and casualty, core insurance system, policy admin, insurance software system, insurance software solution, insurance claim management, business process software, application insurance software and information legacy system.”