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10 best uses of Facebook in your business

Facebook Post Formula #1: Product Preference

A product preference question asks your Fans to choose which of your products they like the best.

In the example below, a major grocery chain uses “product preference questions” to entice comments.They show images of two choices of products, and ask Fans to comment on which they prefer.

Facebook Post Formula #2: Fill in the Blank

A ‘fill in the blank’ post is another question that’s effective at getting your Fans to take part in your Facebook Page and talking about your products. These types of posts are generally one sentence, with a blank line for your Fans to complete.

Below is a “fill in the blank” example from Coca Cola, using a branded image of a coke truck. They used an instagram filter to give it a hot summer feeling.
check coca cola fill in the blank

Facebook Post Formula #3: Like vs. Share

A “like vs. share” post is a fairly straightforward way to engage your customers, and get a lot of likes and shares. Create an image of two of your products, and make a “like vs. share” icon. Ask your Fans to choose their favorite product by either liking or sharing your post.

Below is another example from Walmart. They are promoting their NBA t-shirts during the NBA finals, by asking their Fans which of the two teams they support. Fans ‘like’ one choice, and ‘share’ the other.

Facebook Post Formula #4: “Caption This”

A caption post involves asking your Fans to caption an image you have posted. Use your product in your post to get people thinking and talking about your wares.

Below is an example from National Geographic, where they are asking their Facebook Fans to caption an image from a Photo Contest they had run.

National Geographic photo caption from photo contest

Facebook Post Formula #5: Product Specific Days

There’s a lot of little known, pretty obscure international days of celebration. If you find some of these that relate to your product, use them! Hey, you never know, your market niche just might like to learn more about them – and you can have a bit of fun promoting your niche product to them.

Check out how Oreo used this with “World Milk Day”.

Facebook Post Formula #6: Sponsored Events

If your business sponsors events, use this to post photos of it on your Facebook Page, and include images of your products.

Red Bull is quite brilliant at using sponsored events to promote their beverage. They post their events from around the world on their Facebook Page too:

Check oreo and red bull photos

Facebook Post Formula #7: Quotes with CTA’s

A Call-to-Action (CTA) can have the power to incite action in your customer. Include CTA’s in some of your product posts to get your Fans interacting with, and ultimately buying, your products. A positive quote using a common concept (meme) is a popular method on Facebook. Incorporate your product with inspiration, humour, or happiness, with a quote. Post it with a CTA to share or like your update.

Nutella has used this tactic to “send a kiss to the one you love most”. The meme includes an image of the Nutella bottle. The CTA is to share the post.

Facebook Post Formula #8: How your Product is Made

Show how your product is made and do it in as visually an appealing manner as possible.

See below how Starbucks showed images of their espresso product in varying stages of development: From bean to serving.

Check nutella and Starbucks photo cross promote to pinterest

Facebook Post Formula #9: Trivia

Sharing small bits of trivia is a great way to get your posts liked, shared and commented on, through Facebook. Post a sentence or two of trivia about your product, or something related to your product, and include a visually appealing image.

In the example below, Intel posted trivia about lobsters and related it back to their logo.

Facebook Post Formula #10: Social Coupons and Deals

Who doesn’t like a great deal? When you run coupons and deals on your Facebook page, you can generate a lot of interactions. Include images of the products you are offering deals on. If you offer a group deal, you encourage sharing, as you can set up the number of entrants needed for the group deal to happen. If your deal is a good one, your Fans will be eager to share this with their friends.

In the example below, Target promoted their new site for coupons and deals.
Check intel target savings site wishpond

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