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Automated Testing

Testing can be one of the major over heads for your software implementation project or asoftware enhancement project in your business. However, it is important for your business not to miss out on opportunities of automating this process to ensure that the monotonous jobs are performed with consistency and accuracy. With our consultants, you can explore the arena of automating your software testing process as much as possible. We can assist you to purchase necessary tools already available for the job. We can assist you with software development on this front if required to automate your testing as much as possible.

Outsource Governance

These days profit maximization has a simple one word answer and that is “outsourcing”. However, it raises a major challenge for every software vendor and software buyer. This challenge is to ensure the quality of the product is maintained at the highest level and does not disappoint the end user at any level. With our expertise, we can provide solutions that can perform quality governance for you at your end and production end (if required). You can implement our wireless solutions at your server level and provide services to your overseas office through them. We ensure that your quality is governed at the highest level to maintain your performance with profit maximization strategy of outsourcing.

Independant Quality Assessment

Whether it is a commodity or a software, an independent quality assessment can help you clarify any known and unknown challenges that your business might face with any software. We specialize in this area as we ensure we assess the software from every angle whether it is suitable for application integration or not, and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of a release / tool / product that you are about to implement / purchase 

Implementation Testing

It happens all too often with various off-the-shelf products that they go through an incomplete quality assurance at the vendor’s end. It is worth noting that off-the-shelf products do not provide a 100% full proof guarantee to implement in every environment on every platform. It is important for you to get adequate support in any software implementation to ensure your business has as little impact as possible which includes the implementation testing and change management. We assist you in the process to ensure your implementation is a smooth transition without any unknown challenges for your business.

E-Business Testing

Clearly, e-business is a domain where testing is the key to successful operation of business. We ensure that your site functions perfectly under all possible business cases and works correctly under various business scenarios. We also assess the security of your e-commerce site and provide suggestions to ensure your site provides enough level of comfort to your users and clients. Your site’s quality, integrity, architecture, features and easy of use are some of our key criteria at this level.

User Acceptance Testing

At this stage, our consultants sit down with your subject matter experts and assist you with scripts for full functional testing. We can design the scripts for your business and your environments and can also provide you with pre-designed script templates. We ensure that all documentation produced at this stage is clear, concise and precisely based on your needs and business environment.

Performance / Load Testing

It is not only important for the software to function as per the specifications initially designed and agreed by your organization but also critical for the speed / performance to be satisfactory for business operation. It has been evident over years that the software development is executed as per the functional and business specifications by developers. However, the performance can be dissatisfactory based on infrastructure and adequacy of testing for the software. We make sure that you get the best from the product and your clients achieve the optimum performance from the software you have developed / purchased for your business. Scalability of the system is a key feature that is tested in this service.

Integration Testing

After the parts of a software are tested, it is important that the parts work successfully with each other and produce the final result as desired by your organization. Integration of all parts is important for functional success of any software. At this stage, we ensure that there is accurate and complete communication between various modules of your software. We can assist you with testing critical and non-critical portions of your software during business and non-business hours.

System Testing

System testing mainly has two categories (i.e. N-Unit / Partial Testing and End-to-End / Complete Testing). Partial testing is when our consultants test parts of your software based on strategy developed after discussion with your subject matter experts. End to End testing is when our consultants test the entire functionality of a particular process applied / resolved / automated by the software.

Design Review

Software Testing is process that starts at very early stages with any software project. Any inconsistencies / anomalies at design stage can result into various issues at the later stage which can be extremely time consuming and expensive to resolve at that stage. Defect identification, resolution and management needs very close monitoring from initial to final stages to ensure a bug / defect free software.