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What is Sales Force Automation?

Improve your customer satisfaction, increase productivity and boost profits.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Build customer loyalty through world-class customer service.
  • Boost sales team productivity.
  • Improve pipeline visibility and forecasts.

Accelerate sales cycles, close more business, and get an edge on your competitors.   Read More


Our technology offering is specifically architected and designed to create end-to-end solutions. is a complete integrated platform that eliminates all the risks and complexities for businesses to maximise their return on investment from field operations. Creating robust and effective business mobile solutions is not an easy task. Our solution addresses many of the challenges that businesses and mobile solution providers face on a regular basis. We can provide a complete integrated end-to-end mobility platform for designing, developing and deploying business mobile solutions. It is designed to help organisations to achieve their true efficiency in field operations in order to deliver a higher return on investment from their field operations.


YesIntlCorp Brisbane Gold Coast provides Global Field Operations Solutions and Sales Force Automation system which address the fields like global sales, global economy, field operations solutions, world-ready solutions, multiple data formats, languages, multi-byte characters, multinational corporations, field operations, applications, Sales force management system, Customer Relationship Management, Customer relationship management, Information systems, Information technology management, Management, Management information systems, Marketing, Order management, Predictive analytics.

Sales Force Automation is desired tool

At Yes International, Brisbane we provide website, websoftware, shopping cart, database and; software development. It is a Brisbane based company provides software from $1999, Website from $299, database from $499, websoftware from $1999, fully secured hoasting from $1 per day, shopping cart from $999,which includes free designing.


Other elements of a SFA system can include, sales forecasting, order management and product knowledge. More developed SFA systems have features where customers can actually model the product to meet their required needs through online product building systems. This is becoming more and more popular in the automobile industry, where patrons can customize various features such as color and interior features such as leather vs. upholstered seats. An integral part of any SFA system is company wide integration among different departments. If SFA systems aren’t adopted and properly integrated to all departments, there might be a lack of communication which could result in different departments contacting the same customer for the same purpose. In order to mitigate this risk, SFA must be fully integrated in all departments that deal with customer service management.


Yes International Corporation, believes that in order to increase mobile worker productivity, reduce operational costs and deliver true business mobility solutions, our customers must be provided with a re-usable platform that will enable the rapid design, development, deployment and maintenance of mobility applications for all business units within the organisation. Without the appropriate technologies, tools and products, creating robust scalable enterprise mobility solutions can be a very complex, costly and risky exercise. Organisations with mobile field forces need to ensure that the underlying technology offered provides a solid proven platform to achieve their mobility goals, and future proof their investments.