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Software is the key to real estate success

Yes International Corporation, can provides and specialises in lease and property management software and services. our advanced lease and property management software package that gives landlords and tenants increased control over their portfolio. Using our software our customers are able to reduce risk and cost, increase revenue and improve their investment planning

  Managing Your Properties by
Record your key property details (room sizes, property condition, home furnishings, fire safety,   etc.), Store images of all rooms and aspects of the property, Store property purchase and landlord details, Store utility details (gas, water & electricity meter details), Produce various property administration reports, Property search – find suitable properties for your tenants within your real estate portfolio, Automatically generate landlord property management agreements
Managing Your Tenants by

Store lease details (start & end dates, rental charge, payment frequency & deposit details), Automatically generate payment schedules for each tenant and property, Automatically track and administrate tenant payments against payment schedule, Automatically generate late payment charges for rent arrears, View tenant payment history, account balance & future payment schedule, Produce various tenant reports (lease expiration, account balances, overdue rent, etc), Automatically generate tenant standard letters and statements

Property Tools Customised For Your Needs!
You may customise our property management software to fit all of your real estate management needs. We offer a variety of options and tools to ensure this software will be the most complete ever.