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Benefits of Extranet

An extranet is a provison of private network that uses internet protocols, network connectivity and sometimes public telecommunication system to connect your business with all required areas. Imagine how good if your company can share information with your business partners, vendors, supplier and customers. In short, its kind of buisness to business(B2B) networ.


Due to huge expose of information in this kind of network we understand the criticality of security and privacy so, we provide our extranet and intranet service based on constraints of business or corporate legiglations. Our consultans will help your business network to understand the extranet and will conduct formal analysis before implementation of extranet. Read More


An extranet is a special set of pages that are made available to selected business partners such that they can directly access computational resources inside your company. Typical examples include allowing customers to check on the status of their orders (e.g., when will my urgent order ship? did you or did you not receive our payment?) and allowing approved vendors to look at requests for proposals.


Fundamentally, an extranet is a part of the Internet since it is accessed by people in many different companies who will be using your public website but will not have access to the truly internal parts of your intranet. Therefore, the visual style and main navigation options of the extranet should be visibly similar to the design of your Internet site: your business partners should feel that the two sites come from the same company. It will often be reasonable to have links from extranet pages to pages on the public website, but you should not have links that point to your private intranet since your business partners will not be able to follow such links.


Actual use of the extranet shares many properties with intranet use: the users will be using the extranet as a major part of their everyday job, so it will be possible to use specialized language and relatively complex interactions. It may even be reasonable to assume some amount of training on the part of the users, since they will be motivated to improve the efficiency of their own business by making better use of your extranet. The training needs and the complexity of your extranet can not be too demanding, however, since you normally cannot assume that extranet users are dedicated to the use of your particular design and nothing else. A typical extranet user may be a corporate purchasing agent who may need to deal with your extranet as well as the extranets of, say, 50 other companies where he or she has placed orders. Your extranet must be fairly easy to use if this purchasing agent is to remember its features and options from one visit to the next.
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Always use Intranet and Internet

An intranet is small internet within your oranisation’s computer network which should be accessed by authorised person only. We provide compelete browser based enviornment in which staff can share information,manage and organise information and access information. We provide all services starting from planning and ending to instanllments and maintaince of intranet network. Our consultants will help your ogranisation to plan internet service in your organisation by assuming legistative constraints and hoping what your company could achieve from intranet.

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Most basically, your intranet and your website are two different information spaces. They should look different in order to let employees know when they are on the internal net and when they have ventured out to the public site. Different looks will emphasize the sense of place and thus facilitate navigation. Also, making the two information spaces feel different will facilitate an understanding of when an employee is seeing information that can be freely shared with the outside and when the information is internal and confidential.

An intranet design should be much more task-oriented and less promotional than an Internet design. A company should only have a single intranet design, so users only have to learn it once. Therefore it is acceptable to use a much larger number of options and features on an intranet since users will not feel intimidated and overwhelmed as they would on the open Internet where people move rapidly between sites. An intranet will need a much stronger navigational system than an Internet site because it has to encompass a larger amount of information. In particular, the intranet will need a navigation system to facilitate movement between servers, whereas a public website only needs to support within-site navigation.