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Online Learning Management System

School management solution is a leading training software solution, providing administrators with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their Staff either individually or as a group with ready assessment of their performance which is monitored by this system. Our consultants have identified the need for a centrally managed content server as the most common requirement from all schools and teaching institutes and data can be introduced by any teacher from any point of entry. It can be designed to assign homework to students at school, and send the data home to the students via the internet. The students then receive the homework and complete it. The software automatically marks the homework and the student sends the results back to the teacher at the school for review. At Yes International, Brisbane we provide website, websoftware, shopping cart, database and; software development. It is a Brisbane based company provides software from $1999, Website from $299, database from $499, websoftware from $1999, fully secured hoasting from $1 per day, shopping cart from $999,which includes free designing.


  • The most ideal and suitable software for people running tuition classes and small teaching institutes as well as schools in small setup which is suitable in Australian requirements.
  • It maintains Mailing List, accounts, ledger, Receipts, Faculty-details, Admission-details and Time-Tables. Automatic Fee records maintenance to provide required totals for Fees payments for any Student. Details for Time-Tables for faculties as well as for students can be prepared and stored for future use and printing. Security system with facility to change password whenever desired by the user.
  • Maintains ledger in convenient bank passbook format. No special accounting knowledge is required to maintain accounts in this software. Grouping of accounts for annual summaries. Provides account summaries and Profit and Loss account for any period required.
  • Maintenance of Mailing List automatically from Admission with to and fro recording facility if data is not available from mailing list table. Automatic updating of Fees record from admission as well as from receipts records. For General instalments schemes, specific automatic updating facility is provided. Outstanding balance of each student is maintained. Concession granted to each student is amended after each transaction in fees table. Special quick reach facility on each data forms and query forms to retrieve desired records from database of any size. Facility to surf on two tables at a time for interrelated data to check or update.
  • Convenient operation from special screens, menu bar and also from shortcut keys.
  • Print Screen facility for all forms. So whatever is seen on screen can be printed on paper. Headers like name, address, phone numbers, and email or any other four headers can be stored and printed on reports so plain paper is to be used for reports. This saves stationary printing expenses and this software though commercial but it works as a tailor made software.
  • Records of multiple units can be stored in this software in one machine only and data can be retrieved grossly or unit wise as desired.
  • Shifting of records from one unit to another is possible on click of mouse. Minimum typing needed on all data forms and query.
  • Web browser for internet operation and text editor for text files operation is provided.
  • Test details can be recorded and mark sheets can be printed and yearly or monthly progress of the student or performance of any faculty can be monitored through this system. This provides average performance of any one student in any one test or all tests of any period as well as provides average performance of any batch or class to monitor performance of any faculty.
  • Query to retrieve data in each tables like ledger, fees, receipt, admission, mailing list and tests.
  • Ledger in simple format is maintained for simplicity of operation so Query provides details of transactions and summary of transactions for any period or any account when required.
  • Time-Tables for batches, classes or faculties can be prepared on click of mouse just by selection in combo boxes. They can be printed in report forms on only 6” height paper to supply to students.
  • YesIntlCorp, a Brisbane Gold Coast based company can provide a software for small teaching institutes and small schools or  tuition classes. It can be of great help to tuition teachers doing private teaching or personal coaching or small group coaching or online