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Database Architecture

Database Architecture

Well designed database architecture allows businesses to leverage their investments in platforms and applications through re-use and interoperability. Our database solutions can simplify application integration and data exchange for custom built and legacy applications. Data Integration is one of the key challenges that businesses face in today’s technologically well developed world.

Our solution integrated  with your website will drive the user to provide the information required by you, in your required format, which will save a lot of your labour while processing the information.
Our database solutions can utilize Web and Windows interfaces depending on your needs. We can create an excellent database solution which can integrate with your website and give you a very easy to use windows based solution to amend the details within the database.  No matter what the project, you’ll find the proven technology you need with the experienced team at Yes International Corporation.


Database Reformation

Database Reformation

Database Upgrade projects transform an application to a new technical architecture, the various data structures in the application must be analyzed and loaded in the this process. We understand the metadata – content, context and structure – of the applications in question as a first step. It is then possible to develop a largely automated facility to map data from legacy to the new database. Our process accommodates any client source database irrespective of whether it is relational, hierarchical, networked or straight flat files. We ensure that the database upgrades do not affect operation of your business adversely.

Benefits of Database Upgradee

Minimizing business disruptions by increasing availability and scalability while significantly lowering IT costs,
Gaining deeper business insight through richer end-user analytics and reporting tools that result in a faster return on investment,
Accelerating the development time of line-of-business applications,
Code reduction for most scenarios,
Reducing data management complexity and ease of manageability.  Read More

A Trusted Platform   >   Better Decisions  >   Faster Results

Higher availability (99.999%) for mission critical applications and five times faster Services.

Improved reporting capabilities for BDMs & ability to create ad hoc reports in multiple formats

Up to 40% faster development environment

Up to 35% faster transaction processing,

including improved response times on queries

Improved analysis and calculation capabilities that allow developers to provide new services

Comprehensive tools & guidance to assist with migrating to Higher Platforms.

Database Consulting

Database Consulting

Well designed database architecture allows businesses to leverage their investments in platforms and applications through re-use and interoperability. We can provide you appropriate consulting services to organise the best possible amendment into your data structure.

Data can be migrated from one platform to the new version of the same platform. this can also be done at application level migrating from one version to a newer version or at database level across platforms (i.e. migrating from Oracle to SQL Server or vice versa). This is a process which involves taking a cut of data at a point in time and process it to ensure all data is migrated with full accuracy and authenticity. we can automate this process and we can do this process for you during business hours or after hours.


Database Upgrade

 Database Upgrade

We can deploy to different target database managers. The only key input needed from the client about its source application is a report detailing the Data Definition Language (our consultants can assist you to establish this report). We make a data dictionary to include all source and application data name. we work with you / your subject matter experts (SMEs) to establish the difference of manual and automatic data cleansing wherever possible targeting a successful upgrade with clean data.Once done successfully this process can be replicated across various environments at the client end and can be done after hours to let the business function at its best during the business hours.

We can accommodate and combine source data from multiple database structures i.e. clients can migrate and merge data from multiple applications from multiple branches or offices to a single new deployment. Our expert developer-consultants are experienced in building online databases and provide services including support and training all around Australia.